After the civil war Igbo’s were given just £20 pounds of all the money they had in their bank accounts before the war.

And this was how Igbos transformed Onitsha with the paltry £20 pounds.

how they transformed Onitsha with the paltry £20 pounds

For me, Igbos are the strengths of trade and weaknesses of politics in Nigeria.

In terms of trade in Nigeria, the Igbos have it, no doubt – they re-invent the wheels everywhere. They setup shops everywhere in the world and they are very good with integrations. You would see an Igbo man setup a hotel in China to cover up his Nigerian brother.

However, in terms of politics, they value their business interests better. Since Igbos are good with bargaining, they are patient enough to also deal with their own government to get better odds for themselves.

The coin is often one sided, to business interest. However, if I need to learn integration, I need the Igbo man. It just appears that we need to learn how to work with them and bargain with the government for us all.

In a nutshell, the Igbo man can never be fully deprived. They fight for their rights and even if it takes a few decades, they train themselves clan by clan to always win.

I have dealt with several Igbo men in my career. Their partnerships brought the most gain because they are diligent with their work.

Overview of transformed Onitsha


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