How could I check backlinks manually without any tool?,  Find backlinks. it is now easy for you to Google search for high quality backlinks,. You can also ask questions on forums for more information on backlinks or read the Google Link Guidelines on what is required

How could I check backlinks manually without any tool?

Register, sign up or comment  for the sites that you will be leaving a backlink on. The registration or sign up procedure is straight forward Backlink
Once you have clicked on the activation link, then you will be able to sign in.
Now that you are signed in, search for your profile button or control panel button (cp). Navigate to edit your profile.
With respect to the signature box and the bio (biography) box, you can leave 3 links to your site with key words.

  • Note: make key words: Make Money Online, Make Money From Home, Home Based Business. 3 examples of keywords that will contain the link back to the website. However, recent changes to the Google Guidelines will suggest that you don’t use anchor rich keywords and you will be much better off with just a ‘Click Here’ or URL link.

In order to add the link to these keywords you will have to use HTML code or BBC code. It will be indicated. Here is an example of the HTML code: <a href=””>KEYWORDS</a>

  • Here is the example of BBC code: [url=http://www.YOUR]KEYWORDS[/url]

How could I check backlinks manually without any tool?


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