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Nigerian Police Ranks

Nigerian Police Ranks,  There are many ranks for police officers in Nigeria. Inspector General of Police is the higher rank, Inspector General of Police oversee the Nigerian police nationwide, while the commissioner of police oversee states. Nigerian Police has fifteen ranks,

Below are Nigerian Police Ranks

  1. The Inspector-General of Police
  2. The Deputy Inspector-General of Police
  3. The Asst. Inspector-General of Police
  4. The Commissioner of Police
  5. The Deputy Commissioner of Police
  6. The Asst. Commissioner of Police
  7. The Chief Superintendent of Police
  8. The Superintendent of Police
  9. The Deputy Superintendent of Police
  10. The Asst. Superintendent of Police
  11. The Inspector of Police
  12. Sergeant Major
  13. Sergeant
  14. Corporal
  15. Constable

We will not forget the Administrative structure in Nigerian Police Force. The Administrative structure is divided into Departments A-G. Police officers

The administrative departments of the Nigerian Police Force are;

  • A Department: Administration
  • B Department: Operations
  • C Department: Logistics and Supply
  • D Department: Investigation and Intelligence
  • E Department: Training and Command
  • F Department: Research and Planning
  • G Department: ICT

Ranks in Nigerian Police

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