How to add a location to Google maps? Go to Google Map Maker on your Phone or laptop and fellow step-by-step list on how to How to add a location to Google maps

Login and do this steps:

Add a line

Use these steps to add roads, flyover/underpasses, railways, ferry boat lines and trails/paths.

Step 1: Make your changes

step-by-step list

How to add a location to Google maps
How to add a location to Google maps
  1. Click Add New on top left of the viewport.
  2. Select Add roads, railways etc. from the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose the type of the feature you‘d like to draw.
  4. Click and place the nodes in exact alignment with the satellite imagery.
  5. Click Done or press Enter to finish.
  6. Enter the details in the left hand panel and click Save.

Step 2: Tell us how it relates to the map

After you’ve finished drawing, you might be prompted to specify whether your road is new or an extension of an existing road:

  • Select Create a new road if your feature is new.
  • Select Extend the road if you’ve drawn an extension, a road will be created with the same name and details as of the original.


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