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How to promote product on Amazon

How to promote product on Amazon? Promoting product on Amazon is not one day process. It is continuous process that should  be apply for the sustenance of presence in the cut-throat Search Ranking!

i will list some easy way to go, ‘correct’ and result oriented pointers below which you may bring in practice and your Amazon products will see a growth in visibility and ultimately, sales.

Have a look!  How to promote product on Amazon

  • Promote Internally- Apart from the search engine rankings where you need to rank your products on top search results, you also need to rank your products high on Amazon in Amazon Search Results. For that, you need to understand the A9 Algorithm, the Amazon Search Engine.
  • The A9 Algorithm has its own method to rank the products up on Amazon. The three points that it focuses on are:
    • Relevancy- How relevant your product content(description) is, in accordance with what your potential buyers are searching on Amazon for the products similar to products that your are selling.
    • Conversion Rate of your products- If your products’ conversion rate is high, it means you are selling more and customers are happy and that’s what Amazon cares the most about. So if your conversion rate is high, Amazon will rank your product up in Amazon search results whenever a buyer is searching the similar product as you are selling.
    • Performance, for customer satisfaction- If your performance as a seller is up to the mark, then too the A9 Algorithm ranks you up in the Amazon Search Results. You need to keep few points in mind for that:
      1. Order Processing Speed- You need to be quick in delivering the order.
      2. In-Stock Rate- Never run out of stock or your image would be tarnished.
      3. Order Defect Rate- It should be low, or in fact shouldn’t be there at all.
      4. Perfect Order Percentage- Should be high.
      5. Exit Rate- Exit Rate needs to be high means the potential users should stay on your page for a reasonable time duration.


9 Ways to Promote Your Amazon Listings

  1. Optimize Your Listings with SEO. Search engine optimization attracts a wide range of buyers to your listing. …
  2. Buy Sponsored Product Ads. …
  3. Share Listings on Social Media. …
  4. Run Competitor Analysis. …
  5. Partner With Influencers. …
  6. Maintain Strong Product Ratings. …
  7. Maintain Strong Shipping Performance. …
  8. Monitor Your Seller Rating.

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