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Netflix or Amazon Prime Which one is better

Netflix or Amazon Prime Which one is better


Both Netflix and Amazon prime video offers free trial for a limited period of time before charging for the subscription. Amazon offers a 30-days free trial while Netflix offers free month before the charges apply. The Netflix plans start from the basic $500 plan going up to Standard and Premium Subscriptions with higher pricing.

App Interface

One of the first things you might notice when you sign up for either of the services is the interface. While both Amazon and Netflix have a good interface, Netflix looks more refined than the Amazon Prime. Moreover, navigating through Amazon Prime Video’s content seems slightly complicated as opposed to that of Netflix.

Playback Experience

Although Netflix scores in the general user interface, Amazon Prime Video is much better when it comes to playback experience. Netflix offers options to choose video streaming quality as well as the availability of the entire episode list in that particular season. In Prime Video, you have the option of choosing the quality of the video streaming in addition to an estimate of how much data will be used by the hour.


The most important thing to probably consider while choosing between any two video streaming services is the content each of them offers. Netflix is known for a lot of its in-house shows that are widely acclaimed, the only catch being they are Netflix-exclusive and not available anywhere else.

When it comes to Amazon Prime Video, you get a list of good content there too with TV shows like Fear the Walking Dead, Transparent, The Grand Tour, and more. The number of Bollywood movies available here is limited as well, but you will find a few movies in regional languages here and there, which is a plus.

Video Quality and Downloads

In terms of video quality, Netflix always pushes the best possible resolution in line with the internet speed. Unfortunately, that is not the case with Amazon Prime Video. In spite of choosing the ‘best streaming quality’ option, Amazon Prime fails to play videos in good resolution.


Although Amazon Prime video comes with more affordable plans than Netflix does, it seems redundant in the grand scheme of things as you still have to buy some content on top of the subscription fees. However, if you have a shoe-string budget and still looking to experience some good content online, Amazon Prime Video is not a bad choice.

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