How accurate is Google Map or Location ? Google Map with out have ‘GPS’. GPS a system that consisting of a radio receiver that receives signals from several satellites to resolve its own location on Globe. The receiver resides right in your smartphone.

How accurate is google Map location?

The (Android) Google operating system, Which runs the smartphone and gets its information from the GPS radio receiver ALONG WITH OTHER LOCATION INFORMATION like cellular tower signals and WiFi signals to develop good and accurate location on the phone and displays on the digitamap (Google Map/Apple Map)

What could happen is that when you entered the house, your phone couldn’t get GPS fix inside your house, so it reverted to network location. Network location can be off by many miles depending on the density of cell towers on the location.

The only time that Google map or Location history can record accurate location while indoor is if the house has a Wi-Fi hotspot and the Wi-Fi is recorded in Google’s database.

if you lived in a house where Wi-Fi hot spot is weak, The location history often shows a neighboring district,

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