The mind-blowing facts about saliva: The saliva contains much good bacteria and anti-bodies that are harmful germs.

The saliva’s anti-viral and anti-bacterial content, and so efficiently does the mouth therefore kill off any invading germs, that 99% of the time you catch a “cold” (viral infection) or are afflicted with a bacterial infection, it didn’t even enter through your mouth!

The most amazing and mind-blowing facts about saliva you will like to know about ..

  • Surprisingly, saliva contains important proteins and minerals that help to inhibit gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Your salivary glands are what produce saliva. These glands rest in the cheek region, close to the bottom of your mouth. They are also found near the front teeth.
  • You could potentially produce enough saliva to fill two bathtubs a year.
  • Saliva protects teeth and gums and helps to lubricate the mouth.
  • Saliva is essential to the breakdown of food.
  • Germ-fighting abilities are one of the benefits of saliva, which can also prevent the dreaded halitosis or bad breath.
  • Food molecules must dissolve in saliva in order to be recognized by taste buds.
  • Saliva helps wounds in the mouth heal faster than wounds elsewhere on the body.
  • When you are nervous or frightened, saliva production is reduced.
  • Saliva samples can be used to diagnose disease.
  • You can get salivary gland stones similar to kidney stones.
The mind-blowing facts about saliva
  • The current world record for the longest salivary stone is 37mm long.
The mind-blowing facts about saliva
  • Saliva contains a natural painkiller.
The mind-blowing facts about saliva
  • Chewing sugar-free gum increases saliva production and is good for your teeth.

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