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This feeling that I feel,
This thing that keeps on ringing in my ear,
This constant reminder that I get,
But, do not know how to control or tame,
Perhaps someday, I would find an explanation for it.
You see,
When this whole thing started,
He said to me,

Take it
You’ll feel way better than you currently do

So, I obliged,
I forgot about everything,
By everything, I mean,
Everything that made me panic for the unforseen tomorrow,
Things that hurt me to my bone marrow
Oh, what a deceiver he was, is, and will continue to be,
He just has no control over himself does he?
Let’s get back to what he did to me,
When he plagued me with this nuisance,
He failed to mention,
When it fades out of my system, I would feel worse than I previously felt

It is rather too late to stop now

I constantly said to myself,
You see, I’m a very productive fellow,
Give me raw beans for instance,
I would refine it and give you the best bean cake you have ever tasted,
Trust me, I’m not bragging,
So, in the same productive spirit,
I began to search for substances that could give me the same level of momental ecstasy,
And, yes, your guess is right,
I found,
And, I began to mix and combine all the substances I could lay my hands on,
I was a major science student,
Soon, it became a habit.
Each time the substances faded out of my system,
I felt entirely empty, useless and frustrated,
I vowed never to ingest anything that throws me off balance hence, rendering me useless again,
But, I lacked the ability to uphold the vow,
So, I summoned all the courage I had left in me to confide in a friend that was way older than me,
Low key, he was my mentor,
He was rich, polished, eloquent and articulate,
And, he was not involved in any fraudulent business,
He was a Christian!
Heaven knows I do not regret confiding in him,
His first words to me after a very deep sigh was,

By strength shall no man prevail


Oh! What a rush!
The feeling was divine,
I felt something flow down my spine,
I said to myself,

what level of wisdom, how was he able to come up with that?

Then, I asked,

how were you able to come up with such strong words

He laughed at me and said,

it’s written in the scriptures bro

On that gracious day,
Salvation came to me,
Gradually, the zeal to take any of the substances that I had gotten addicted to died,
I found a new addiction,
I’m now a new being,
I look nothing like what I’ve been through,
And, it became possible because I spoke out,
I spoke to the right person,
I confided in someone I trusted could lead me towards the right path.
Now, who am I?
I’m you,
I’m her,
I’m him,
I’m that inebriated fellow,
The one that he has managed to deceive and twist to do his biddings,
I’m that fellow that has refused from this day to remain captive,
I’m that liberated fellow,
And, who is he?
He is Lucifer,
The Devil,
And, he’s defeated!
Say NO to drugs,
Say NO to substance abuse!

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