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Do you remember Sade?
The one whom you said has a step to every beat,
Gan gan, bata…. it didn’t matter the type of drum,
You said her body was a dream

The one who was reluctant to let you in,
Awe do you Remember the songs you wrote her,
Do you remember asking alarena for her oriki,
You sang her praises like she was your king,
Bent her with poetry and songs until she danced to your tunes.

Awe do you remember breaking her waist beads,
While she begged,
Told you she would give you for free,
Reminded you she wasn’t ready

Do you Remember how good it felt when you broke through her tightness,
When your semen flowed and you cursed God because it was that good.

Sade is now old,
Her body cannot move the way it used to,
There are no beads on her waist

There are no singers at her door,
Sade is now the village laughing stock,
But on a lighter note how is Lagos?
The wife and children nko?

I heard you are now a big boy
Heard you have a good job.
Well concerning Sade,
Eyin kete lofo nse……


I need you to take out time,
To think,
You know deep down that,
There are other girls out there whose career you’ve shattered, battered, like that of Sade,
Omo iya ologi,

Please bear it in mind,
Payback’s a bitch and the name of the slut is karma,
I don’t need to sound vulgar,
But, all I’m trynna say is that,
We all reap what we sow,

The young damsel that seems perfect to you now,
The one who dots ur “I” and crosses ur “T” ,
Will someday carry your child,
And, the good news is this,
One guy out there will be prepared to repay the favour with the same measure,

My guy,
Take a chill pill,
Before your life begin peel,
Abo oro ni a maa n so fun omo iluabi o….

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