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Chronicles of Aderonke – THE END

Chronicles of Aderonke – THE END


Àbúrò Labake,
Ọmọ Bàbá Labake,
Ọmọ Ìyá Ologi,
A New calabash,
We spoke of how the onion has been used to cook stew,
It seems we forgot to include the tale of the fire it passed through.

Sir_Israel desires to feed me to the wolves,
He forgets that I am the Alpha of the pack,
I shall speak without blaming my poor lips,
After all my mouth boldly speaks,
Unlike others whose name I shall not call.

Aderonke was a hub of self-sufficiency,
One of Agbaya’s lasting effects,
She truly accepted the black Òyìnbó’s God,
Truly she did,
But trusting him fully was a whole new issue,
After-all everyone she trusted distrusted her,
Why should he be any different?

You really couldn’t blame her,
I know some of you will protest her doubts,
But you have never walked in her shoes,
I won’t say much,
Let the shy gossip take the stage,
Sir_Israel kí lé ní sọ sì ọrọ yí oooooo


Sisi mi Adukẹ,
You know that I don’t like it when people call me a gossiper,
So, I’m going offline now,
But, my lips would remain online,
It has a will of its own as it seems
And, while my body is gone, I would act like I do not know who you were referring to when you said
“Unlike others whose name I shall not call”
Trust, the elders say never comes back with a refill once it’s spilled,
Uncle Tunji was Aderonkẹ’s most trusted member of the family,
But, see how he betrayed the trust she had in him.
Wait, a second, why am I still referring to him as “Uncle”?
His name is Tunji jàre,
Is he older than me?
Before you answer the question, tell me, do you know my age?
In other words, ṣe o mọ ágé mi ní?

Aderonkẹ spent every minute of every day, studying and medicating on the words,
For Faith cometh by hearing and hearing the very word of God,
She knew she had to trust this God that the Whites were preaching to her about,
So, she started to read books, listen to sermons as a matter of fact,
I was one of the few people to refer to her as “Mummy G.O” at a point in time sef,
No, lets not lie to ourselves, she really changed!

Now, Aderonkẹ, has two baby boys,
She has traveled a lot since she got married,
News has it that her husband is in the Oil and Gas industry sef,
But, those boys are fine sha😍,
Don’t even dare to ask me,
“Na twins?”
I don’t know,
I’ve relocated to a new area,
I only go to her area when I’m bored
Which must really be often because,
I think that is where I am right now!

Wait again, what is Brother Chuks doing with sister Angela?
And, how did I get here again? 😩
I already said I was going to quit!
Now, see what my eyes are seeing,
Brother Chuks!!
Oya, remove your hand!!
Tomorrow is my birthday,
I cannot be doing this,
Don’t make me narrate your story to the whole world, Please!!!

God bless you all, stay tuned though, because with what my eyes have seen this night, I might be tempted to talk!
So, do not miss out on it.

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