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Before I start saying anything at all,
I just have to state this once and for all,
Everything you’re about to hear or read,
You didn’t hear from me,
I was never here!”
After all, it’s not me speaking,
It’s just my lips moving,
They are two different things!

Stop guessing what I’m about to say,
I would shock you,
Nothing is wrong,
My dear Aderonkẹ is very alright,
She’s enjoying her marriage,
Rumor has it that she’s even pregnant now, but,
I would however like to say some of the things that sisi mi Adukẹ decided to leave out the first time we decided to talk about my dear Aderonkẹ,

Trust me when I say this,
I dug really deep for this,
The actions of the infamous Àgbàya had its consequences,
But, as usual,
Bi ọmọdé bá yá igbẹ,
Àgbà náà ló má bà ṣán ìdí ẹ
In essence, the mistakes of an entity could in the long run jeopardize another person’s life
My dear Aderonkẹ was depressed!
Wait, why am I calling her my dear?
Maybe I have a crush on her,
I mean, she’s a very fine damsel kẹ

Aderonkẹ’s source of depression wasn’t far-fetched,
But, I know some of you in an attempt to be funny might still want to ask the questions
Why was she depressed?
Now, permit me to explain in clear terms,
Picture this with me,
A young girl barely 12 years of age is defiled constantly,
By an entity that is supposed to be a bonafide member of the family
Tell me, how would she bring herself to tell her parents or anyone about it?
Especially when Bọda Tunji constantly warned her not to ever make mention of the atrocities to any livingsoul

For years, she was like a living corpse,
She sought after a change,
A change that would bring about a total transformation, a rebirth,
Even in the midst of a multitude,
She was very lonely,
Her parents and her only sibling,
Ẹgbọn Labakẹ̀ came to a wrong conclusion,
Aderonkẹ is an introverted person and a sadist
They couldn’t wrap their thoughts around why a girl her age would be so quiet and almost always sad

But, something happened on one fateful day o jere,
That was how egbọn Labakẹ got thinking and she started connecting the dots,
Only God knows where she saw the dots,
Yes, only God knows,
We don’t live together,
I am even amazed that I know this much sef,
Well, anti wa Labakẹ was able to deduce that her sister wasn’t always like that,
So, something must have happened,
Such attitudinal transformation cannot be ordinary
She said to herself

So, she decided to engage my dear Aderonkẹ in series of co-curricular activities,
Yes, my dear!
It’s not your dear,
So, leave me be!
One fateful day jare,
I was just on my own,
Minding my business as usual,
When upon a sudden, I saw my dear and Labakẹ taking a stroll,
And, I overhead Aderonkẹ say some things!
I won’t tell you what I heard,
Like I said, I was minding my business,
I wouldn’t want anyone to call me a gossiper,
But, this is what I can say

Àṣírí tí tú, a dẹ ti rí furọ adiẹ, nkán tí ẹgbọn fí pamọ́ tẹlẹ tí tú sójú ayé

Adukẹ mí ọwọn, you can help them translate it and tell them what happened after that,
That’s if you feel like o,
As for me, my lips have moved enough for one day



Àṣírí tí tú a dé tí rí furo adìẹ, nkan tí ẹgbọ́n fi pamọ tẹ́lẹ tí tú soju ayé
Without mincing words, the hidden secrets have become exposed.
Sir_Israel wants to throw me under the bus,
Anyway as the neighbourhood gossip,
This bitter-sweet wine shall never depart from my tongue.

Her parents did not know,
This was a case of what Aderonke sees sitting down, her family cannot even see standing.
As Aderonke’s neighbourhood ẹgbọ́n
Her happiness is my food,
So when Aunty wá Labake connected the dots
Like a child in a fine arts class
I was overjoyed
But Aderonke was sad,
You see ehn, Aderonke’s matter had become like an onion with so many layers,
Peeling it would bring tears to her eyes
She submitted sha and listened
Aunty Labake probed and spoke,
Aderonke wept and replied,
Aduke stood with ears like antenna waiting to see where to come in.

One fateful afternoon,
Aderonke mi owon
Opened the great book,
The one the black òyìnbós gave her
She read of the woman Ráhábù,
The aṣẹ́wó turned ancestor of Jesus
She heard of Mary Magdalene,
A prostitute who became unavoidable on the lips of Bible Storytellers,
Títẹmi ó ti tàn (My own has not finished)
As she knelt to pray,
The proverbial yoke broke,
Aderonke became freer.

You see, although I am the neighbourhood gossip,
And the tales of all are known to me,
Tí Aderonke ni kan ló jẹ́ mi lógún
That is to say she is my only business.
Aderonke has become happier, true true.
Her smiles pave the way for complete happiness,
Thoughts of Agbaya alailojuti (the shameless old fool) still come but thoughts of God are stronger,

This is the untold story that has become told,
Our onion has been used to cook stew,
The bad news has become a testimony
Ìkòkò to fò tí di tún tún (The broken calabash has become new).

At a time like this,
What more can I say?

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Thanks for this bro, we appreciate the love, Just follow @artbyphemmy on IG and Twitter dakun…. #THESTORYCONTINUES

My lips hurt o Jere,
We shall meet again…
For now, spread the good news,
We’ve spoken!!..

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