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Sigh, Just the other day,

Sir Kolade,
Was wrongly accused of being gay,
But, his countenance never wavered,
He stayed positive,
As a matter of fact,
He remained gay

It’s expedient to make hay,
Especially when the sun still shines
Tomorrow, today would become yesterday,
And, in a certain way,
We would have lost out on the things we failed to implement today,
So, however the case may be,
However minute the movement may be,
Ensure you make the right choices towards the right way

Back to Sir Kolade,
I had the singular honor of having a sit down with him,
Oh what depth of knowledge I was able to garner from him!
He said several things but,
This one lingered,

When you’re born,
You’re born looking like your Parents as a result of genes,
But, when you die,
You die looking like the decisions you made

So, the decision to stay happy invariably depends on you,
Alas, I was able to understand how he was able to stay positive and gay

Society would definitely try to get under your skin,
But, your reaction to the things that would be said or done to you totally depends on you,
That’s where our Emotional Intelligence comes into play,
So, choose this day to be a master of your emotions,
Never be a victim of your circumstance,
Even if the road thus far hasn’t been smooth,
There’s light at the end of the tunnel,
Choose to live a better and improved life,
Be intentional about your personal development and improvement,
Live above the norms of the society,
Little wonder why the Scripture warns us not to be conformed to this world, but rather be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

Greatness lies ahed of you,
Love your life,
Worry not about those things you cannot change,
Trust in God completely,
You’re loved,
Your entire existence is not a mistake,
God is very intentional about you,
Grace is made sufficient for you this day,

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