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My person,
Eyan mi,
Ma personne,
Anima mea,
Mi persona,
Well, it doesn’t really matter,
What language I decide to call you in,
I just want you to know,
I write this specifically for you.

Some things were left unsaid,
And now,
Some persons we wanted to reach out to are dead,
They’re in a place,
Wishes, are indeed horses,
And beggars ride.

If greed has raped the mindset of majority,
And, they take that which should be for everyone, and, covert it,
Be among the minority,
That gives freely,
Cos, at the end, all is vanity.

Try to look at the opportunity right before you,
It’s 2k17,
2k16 is gone and buried,
Not to come again,
Yes, things happened in 2k16, that got to you,
But, the time you spend, brooding over past occurrences,
Can be spent on making 2k17 a glorious one.

My person,
Folks who talk all the time,
Are guilty of at least three sins,

Evil speaking,

Vain Speaking,

Foolish speaking,

So, bridle your tongue,
Talk less, and act more in wisdom.

My person,
It’s only pertinent that you know,
You’re either committed to growth during the season of growth,
Or you become a victim of groaning,
Pay today, and play tomorrow, or, play today and pay tomorrow,
The choice is yours.

You’re beautiful!
Indeed, you’re,
As a matter of fact,
Your beauty is without blemish,
But, to be evenly yoked with that brother you wish was your man,
You’ve to be ready,
To pay the price,
He constantly seeks the face of God,
He’s an handsome being within,
So, be beautiful within too,
Meditate on the word, day in,
Day out,
Pray without ceasing!

But, now, who really is MY PERSON?
It’s you,
Who, through thick and thin stood by me,
It’s you, who’s judiciously reading this right now,
It’s you, who’s constantly working out your faith in God,
It’s you,
Who, wants to make his mark on his world,
It’s you, who’s tired of the way things have been going on and wants to bring about a change,
It’s you, desperately in need of a charge for the next 361 days ahead,
It’s you who’ll take a stand to do things right!
It’s you, who will run to obtain a price!
You will succeed!!

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