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Oh Death

Oh Death!

Gently, he sat

At the balcony of his humble abode,
Indeed, he sat

He wore a fake smile,

He was buried in thoughts

He was distraught

Those who walked by, gazed upon him, and smiled

“Oh what a peaceful man”

They muttered
He heard the nightingales sing in such symphony,

But, his heart was full of so much pain and agony,

Oh, what melancholy!

The harmony produced by the orchestra not far from his abode was indeed serene

But, his heart was locked away,

The constant question,

“Lord, what will happen now?”

Kept on ringing in his head
Oh, death,

You’ve indeed taken away the ones he loves,

But, you have not,

And cannot take away his joy!

Though, the sorrow may last by night,

But, his joy comes in the morning,

Baami and Maami,

As he fondly calls them,

The ones you took away

Are in a better place,

A place, filled with grace,

So, he finds comfort knowing this
Oh death,

He wants you to listen to him,

Yes, indeed,

Listen to him,

At a very tender age,

He entered into a covenant with the Creator,

He started reading His book,

Then, he felt he should stop,

But, immediately, the thought,

He rebuked!

Then, he came across a verse that says,

“For He shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory”
So, this day,

He chooses freedom,

Freedom from the thoughts that has weighed him down,

Thoughts that made him drown,

Each passing day,

He sunk

But, all of that is about to change,

Because, from this day, he chooses to be free.

Oh Death!

Stop wondering who he is,

Allow me do a little introduction,

He’s that young lad

The one whose parents you took,

But, still he is not broken,

Because, he knows that all things work together for his good,

And, you are subjected to the Creators control,

You’re only but an errand boy!
Oh death!

You’re defeated,

He’s not an orphan,

He’s a Victor,

The Creator is working on him,

In him,

And, for him

So, wait for him!

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