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Roll with me

Roll with me

Happy new year everyone!!!

So, for quite a while now, I’ve not uttered a word here and I’m sure one or two persons may have been wondering what happened or what didn’t happen, now, I’m here to say a few things

Sometime in November I had to obey the Clarion’s call and as such, I couldn’t really document most of the things my eyes were made to see and I was also troubled and rather unhappy,

Now, what could have made Sir Israel unhappy? I mean, the jovial young lad, what could possibly bring such a happy person to a state of depression? Stop guessing, I would tell you,

When I wrote my last paper as a Building Technology Student in the polytechnic of Excellence, Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu Campus,

I was thrown into a new form of reality, you see prior to that very moment, when persons ask me the question

What are you doing now?

It was always very easy to say,

I’m a student

But, now, I came to realise that I couldn’t hide under that umbrella again, and as such, I was out in the open, then, I began to ask myself a lot of questions, questions like,

At what point in my life would I make it big?

When would I make enough money to buy a car of my choice and build a house of my own?

When would I be able to go shopping without constantly checking how much I’ve left in my account?

Roll with me

I asked myself a lot of awkward questions, my sleep was highly tormented, I withdrew myself from every form of activity, I built a very high wall, a wall even I couldn’t climb

You see, it would have been a bit easier if I wasn’t make to see young folks drive cars that were future prayer points for me, now, don’t get it twisted, I was cognisant of the fact that the cars were purchased with ill gotten cash, but, again, I said to myself, when do I make it legit?

I applied for jobs, finally, I got one, but, it still couldn’t quench the emptiness I felt, so after a while, I resigned, I got into another job that was engaging and fun-filled and it was indeed a perfect disguise for my ever troubled mind

Engage yourself in activities, by so doing, you wouldn’t have the luxury of time to think about anything

So, for a while, I did, and I must tell you, it worked for a brief while, but each time I was left alone, I caught myself lost in thoughts

The Holy books had rightly said we should cast all our cares upon the Lord for He cares affectionately for us, maybe I had forgotten that such a verse was in existence, or, I knew but just wanted to make the whole process “faster” by constantly thinking about it

Now, I know better, and I must share this gospel truth with you all, you must understand that we were created differently and uniquely, so, no two persons were born with the same fingerprints and as such, our races are different, do not ever be pressurised into doing a wrong thing because others are doing it

God knows and sees each and everyone of us, our legit hustles will bring us to the limelight, we would drive that Benz and get tired of driving it, we would be alright at the end of the day

Our latter days shall indeed be greater than the former, so, I’ve resolved to stick to everything right and good throughout this year and beyond, and I beseech you this day to roll with me, decide to stand for what is right with me, stay loyal to the grind and watch it pay off on the long run

I would live each day knowing that God is ever ordering my steps, for I dreamt of a land that was at best unknown, but now beckons, and Yaweh will make us all arrive there safely… So, students, fresh graduates, Daddy, Mummy, brother, sister just take a chill pill, your time would come!


Sir Israel®

Tomorrow is the 9th day of January, and NYSC has indeed blessed me with a rare gem,

A knight in shining armour,

A man that reminds me of “under the bed”

A man I’m proud to call my friend,

My melanin, spirit filled brother,

Rotimi (SO 2300)…

Happy birthday bro, please help me wish him a happy birthday at the comment section below

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