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Self love

Self love

She is the most beautiful creature I’ve seen,
Her beauty could make a man go insane,
She could make a man sin,
She is so unique,
Her physique, so classic,
I could swear she just got off a boutique..

Words cannot really describe how wonderfully made Abike was,
But, all these accolades came crumbling some weeks before she walked down the aisle to say the words “I do”,
She went for a medical check up, and she was diagnosed of a disease,
Doctors said she had to be operated upon,
They did all they could but, Abike didn’t make it,
Now, standing before the Lord she asked,

“So, is that all? Are you going to take my life so soon,
Even before I say the words I do?”
And the Father looked at her and laughed, those who said you were dead,
Were only deceived cos you’ve 20 more years to live,
And so, Abike came forth to life and said, “I’ve 20 more years to live!”
So, I want a “new me”,
I want my hips wider,
My eyes smaller,
My lips pinker,
My nose smaller,
And my eyelashes fuller,
And so, after weeks of operation, she came out of the clinic as a new being..

Making each step like she was walking on glass,
Out she came into the streets,
And unfortunately for her,
Mr Kabiru’s vehicle had lost its brakes,
And again she died,
Standing before the Father again she said,
“I thought you said I had 20 more years to live, why am I back so soon”
And the Lord replied, Abike,
You left here looking all dark and beautiful,
But, look at you now, you’re looking all white,
Abike broke down in tears, she knew God was right,

Now, my message to you is this,
When God created you,
He had the perfect image of perfection in mind,
So, the least you can do,
Is be the best of your kind,
And, no, I’m not saying you shouldn’t cream and wash your skin,
But, don’t wash that dark skin of yours like you intend to peel it,
Or look so intensely at the image you see in the mirror like you intend to kill it,
Cos, you were created unique,
So, tell yourself, “I love me” every minute,
And every time you do so, say it like you mean it…

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