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THE ONE (the rather controversial piece)

THE ONE (the rather controversial piece)

At a time in my life,
I felt a void.
A void I was too ashamed to speak of,
Too afraid to think of,
So, each time the thought came to mind,
Instantly, it waved off
For far too long,
I lived in captivity of this void,
I embraced it,
Dined with it,
As a matter of fact,
It was part and parcel of me
I was made to believe,
It’s totally impossible to rid myself of the frustration,
The dejection,
The depression,
So, the thoughts I was meant to speak of,
I bottled up
Oh! I was far from happy,
Behind every giant smile,
Was a heart plagued by happenings of life
Just when I became so accustomed to this way of life,
You came,
Like the break of day,
The sorrows of yesterday,
You restored with joy
I started getting a certain sensation,
The sensation grew so much,
It became a reality,
My burden felt lighter,
My life felt better,
“Oh! This had better not be a dream”
I constantly said to myself
I just might not be able to say it enough,
But the importance of your introduction to my life cannot be over emphasized,
I really must tell you this,
Tougher days than the ones we’ve been through are ahead,
But I’m quite certain we will scale through them,
One more thing, don’t give up on me.

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