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Wanna live and die

Wanna live and die


I want to die

A ripe and timely death…

After utmost fulfillment of ambitions,

Not just an addition to graved potentials.

A death that would put tears and smiles on faces,

Tears- an inevitable cause of human emotions

Smiles- that of pride- he was an epitome of perfection
I want to die

A fulfilled death,

That with zero agony,

Not one accompanied with bankruptcy.

I don’t want my old age days run by the doctor’s prescriptions,

When all panic at death’s mention.

I want to enjoy my last days,

Radiant in mind and body like sun rays.

I want to be that old man “who’d got swags”,

Not one who delight in tattered rags.
I want to die,

A gentle death,

Not one resulting from a deteriorated health,

But that with the same level of boy I’d brought at birth,

Satisfied I’ve unleashed my very best.
I want to die,

A sweet death..

But not now,

I still need to live life,

In good health,

From right now.
I wanna live and die,

I wanna live a life,

More fulfilling than that of Nelson Mandela,

I wanna be free from the captivity of MR JAILER,

I wanna live a life, more fulfilling than that of Methuselah,

Who had length of days,

But, added little or nothing to his race,

Brothers and sisters of our fatherland,

People come,

And, people go,

The graveyard is full of so many wasted potentials,

Still, the world never changes,

Different faces,

Same cases,

Why so?

Well, I dunno
The Holy books say,

I am the way,

The truth and the light,

But, we’re all too busy,

Chasing papers,

No one’s looking for God,

Everyone’s looking for job
I wanna live and die,

Knowing fully well,

That my deeds will echo throughout eternity,

We either stand for something or fall for anything they say,

Length of days,

I pray,

But, if my life ain’t adding value to you,

Someone out there,

My society at large,

Then, I’m merely a prey of wasted days
I will strive,

In order to thrive,

To dwell in,

A place,


Beggars do not beg to eat,

Where, the rich is judged,

Like everyone else,

No special rows,

A place where,

Indeed wishes are Horses,

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