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Happiness Sigh, Just the other day, Sir Kolade, Was wrongly accused of being gay, But, his countenance never wavered, He stayed positive, As a matter of fact, He remained gay Hey, It’s expedient to make hay, Especially when the sun still shines Because, Tomorrow, today would become yesterday, And, in …

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The Other room

An enclosure, Where things happen, But, our lips dare not utter a word of the happenings, A confined space of relaxation A legal confinement where destinies are decided, A football pitch it could be said to be, Cos, two teams meet, And, a victor emerges, And, he is termed Zygot …

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Mother, What a wonderful being you are, Oh, how peaceful a child you are, Sigh, These words have become to me like a second name, Just as the sun has become to me like a second skin in these past few months, All these accolades, I owe to the one …

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Hallelujah Yaweh, Eledumare, Sometimes, I sit down and try to understand, To understand and to also see what you see in me, But, the more I try, The more insane I get, So, constantly, I ask myself, How can a young lad like me merit such a gift, The gift …

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Paternal Gratitude

Daddy, Daddy, My very own handsome daddy, There are no words in the English vocabulary to express how grateful I am to be called your son, I have waited a long while for the opportune moment to say these few words to you, And, alas, a glorious day such as …

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